How to Get that Natural Dewy Look Without Makeup

April 06, 2017 0 Comments

How to Get that Natural Dewy Look Without Makeup

Makeup is magical in the way it gives us the opportunity to highlight our best features. But if we really think about our makeup routine, how much time do we spend on covering our blemishes alone? Although foundation and concealer work miracles in making our complexions seem flawless, the ultimate goal for all of us will always be to have evenly toned, blemish-free faces so that we are naturally flawless. As we’ve previously stated on I’m Fabulous Cosmetics, “Great looking skin without making is much better than terrible skin covered with makeup! So taking care of our skin should be a priority before makeup.”

When we see models sans makeup, their healthy complexion seems to come with this natural glow that we all try to mimic in our beauty routines. While celebrity makeup artists share their tips for perfecting the strobing technique, it’d be nice to get that dewy look on our own, without the help of a highlighter.

Before the invention of illuminating powders, contouring palettes and whatnot, beauty addicts had to rely on natural remedies in order get rid of those blemishes and achieve that natural glimmer in their look, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. One of the most historically significant females that took advantage of the healthy ingredients around her was Cleopatra. A woman ahead of her time, Ancient Egypt’s last pharaoh was most famous for her love affairs and beauty, which have been celebrated through films listed on Movie Journeys and other forms of digital entertainment, like the game Cleopatra from the creators of the Slingo brand. Incorporating sea salts into facial scrubs and milk into her baths, she was undisputedly perfect, and her beauty secrets were clearly formed by using ingredients in her immediate surroundings. 

Fast forward to the present, we now have products in addition to natural ingredients that protect our skin from sun damage and such, as well as makeup that can cover that damage. But never let makeup be an excuse to properly care for your skin. Just like Cleopatra, we have to treat our skin before we can go crazy with makeup.

These are the simple things you can do in your daily routines to get that beautiful glow:

1) Highlight with coconut oil

The list of coconut oil benefits is endless. Not only does it hydrate and literally feed your skin, it also works as natural highlighter that won’t clog your pores or leave you feeling oily, surprisingly enough. Dab some on your cheek and brow bones, as well as the bridge of your nose for that flawless shine.

2) Use an illuminating moisturizer

One way to treat dull skin is by using a moisturizer that restores your glow. For example, our Deluxe Bio Complex Moisturizer not only has anti-aging and hydrating properties, it smoothens your skin, protects from sun damage, and has tons of minerals to make your face glow all day long. 

3) Drink lots of water

Whenever you look pale or sickly, chances are that you are dehydrated. Some people see it as a quick fix with just a glass of water, but if you aren’t drinking enough on a regular basis, the effects will be evident in the color of your face. Good Housekeeping shares that you need to drink enough to hydrate your epidermal and dermal layers to combat problems such as dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.

4) Splash ice water or rub an ice cube on your face

This may feel uncomfortable, but ice actually helps to improve the blood circulation in your face, which is needed to restore color into your complexion. 

5) Always use SPF

As much as we love holiday tans, we must always protect ourselves from those harmful UV rays. SPF protection is what helps us maintain our skin’s natural radiance. 

6) Get enough sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. As Everyday Health indicates, sleep deprivation can worsen skin conditions, breaks down collagen and speeds up the aging process.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to having that gorgeous, dewy complexion.