EcoTeaTox 28 day Skinny Tea Program

100% organic & kosher, skinny detox tea for a fabulous skin & weight management

100 % organic - Made in USA - Dairy Free - Soy Free - Non GMO - Vegan

ECOTEATOX can help with the following and promotes: 

  • Boost metabolism
  • Aid in weight management
  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce bloating
  • Decrease water retention
  • Cleanse and detoxify the major internal organs
  • Improve complexion
  • Helps balance blood sugar and pancreatic functions
  • Helps fight and inhibit free radicals
  • Helps unclog arteries and supports liver function
  • Helps strengthens the immune system
  • Helps improve the digestive system
  • Helps improve blood circulation

    How to use:

    - Ecoteatox DAYTIME is meant to be taken every morning upon waking up in order to wake up the body and start boosting your metabolism right away.

    - Every other night, beginning on the 2nd night of the Detox, make a cup of tea using our Ecoteatox NIGHTIME and drink right before bed.
    *If you forget to drink the Ecoteatox DAYTIME first thing in the morning, don't panic! Just drink it as soon as you can during the day.
    How to prepare it Ecoteatox: Add one teaspoon of the tea into the infuser, put the infuser into a cup and add boiling water. Wait about 15 minutes and drink your tea. 

    Here's what you receive: 

    • 28 Day supply of premium loose leaf tea


    Preparation Suggestions

    Water temp: 180-185*F

    Amount of tea per 6-8 oz: 1 tsp

    Time: 3 minutes